Welcome followers

Welcome to my blog! If you read my profile you will learn that I dropped a ton of weight, well I did it by eating!! Here are my recipes, this is how I eat daily. This is how I ate to lose the weight,  and how I keep it off. I can not take all the credit, a wonderful cook book called Pretty Delicious by Candice Kumai taught me how to cook this way and how to make healthy swaps. I highly recommend you pick up this book, it would be a fantastic companion to this blog and if you like my recipes in this blog you will love the ones in her book!

4 thoughts on “Welcome followers

  1. Great blog! Can’t wait to make some of these recipes! Hope to see more at the spa. You know how when you are wine tasting there is either cheese or crackers? Maybe there might be a low cal version for the frequent wine taster? Any tips?

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