In-N-Out and Red Wine- 430 calories

I live on the Central Coast of California, where all the wineries are. It is just as wonderful as you can imagine, we get to go wine tasting anytime and the best thing to do is get In-N-Out and take it for a picnic at a winery. We went wine tasting one day and a woman who pours wine at 4 Vines Winery told us that she loves to have a burger from the great takeout chain and a glass of good Zinfandel wine. We tried this and man was she right! So as promised I am sharing how I eat, and how I lost the weight, and I can tell you that taking a break from what my husband recently called “chick food” and just having a good burger is a necessity. Just don’t go overboard, have a burger and that is it.

I get that not everyone has an In-N-Out burger near them, so here is what you do: You find a local restaurant or chain that has all natural food. If they make their own patties you are good, their own buns even better. Then look at the menu online and plan out your meal before you go.

What you will need to feed 2-

2 In-N-Out Hamburgers, no cheese, no sauce (have them put on some ketchup and mustard)
10 oz Good red wine, Zinfandel and Cabernet go well

This one is hard…. Pour the wine and insert burger in mouth.

I know, you are shocked that a diet blog would tell you “go have that burger you are craving” well, if you’ve been good and worked out hard you can have a little splurge from time to time. The thing I like about this specific chain is that they are all natural, that is the key, keep it low calories and keep it natural.


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