Skinny Wine Tasting

I live on the Central Coast of California, where all the wineries are, it’s awesome! Some of my readers are from this area and have requested an article on how to lighten up wine tasting. When you taste at a winery, vineyard or shop you get several little sips of different wine and typically there are some crackers to munch on, the larger wineries also have cheese and chocolate parings with their wines. Here are a few tips to shave some calories off your day of wine tasting bliss.

1. Don’t go hungry! If you are hungry you are more likely to snack on all the munchies and have a little too much.

2. Bring your own food. I love packing up a picnic, either pack up some left overs, some healthy wraps or my personal favorite In-N-Out!

3. Share tastings. My husband and I often share tastings, it saves money and we can visit more wineries and not get so smashed. And that cuts the calories!

4. HIKE!! There are tons of wineries (our favorite Opolo) that have hiking trails, does it get any better? I think not!! In fact the above pic was just shot at Opolo a couple of weeks back. So either taste before or after (I like before so I can burn off the buzz) and you can walk off some of those calories.

5. Take turns, we have a two year old little girl so we like to take turns tasting. One of us will stay outside and let her play while the other tastes, then on to the next place… switch. We have all the fun of going out to a beautiful setting with ½ the calories. Great places for this- Hearthstone, Wild Horse, Still Waters and Eberle.

It’s not the wine that’s high in calories, typically you drink about ½ a glass total when you taste (unless you are VIP) that is only 60 calories per winery. It’s the snacks you have to worry about, and if you are drinking you will want something to snack on, just bring your own food and plan out your day. And please don’t drink and drive, people actually live out here and we don’t want your drunk asses crashing into our houses ;)

Just a little thank you to Caitlin at Vino Therapy in downtown Atascadero for requesting this post, if ever in my neck of the woods I highly recommend having a foot soak (in wine baby!) and a nice glass of local wine all for only $10!!

Check out Vino Therapy Spa.

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