Tapas Style Happy Hour Snack with Champagne – 250 calories

You say Champagne and I’m in, so let’s just get down to it we will chat about it later while enjoying our snack.

What you will need to serve 2-

8 oz of Champagne or Prosecco
1 slice of artisan bread lightly toasted and sliced in two
1 ½ tsp very good Extra Virgin Olive Oil
⅛ cup dried cherries, you can also use cranberries, apricots or fresh grapes
⅛ oz low fat Gouda cheese thinly sliced, Cheddar and goat are good substitutes
8 almonds
4 large walnuts

On 2 small plates place bread and drizzle ½ of the oil on each, divide the rest of the goodies, pour Champagne and enjoy.

This is meant to be a small meal or snack, and would make a perfectly good lunch with your girlfriends. But I find it best as Happy Hour, especially if I have late dinner reservations. It will give you a burst of energy from the EVOO and the protein in the cheese and nuts. The cherries are so sweet and tart at the same time, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and the bread rounds it out with necessary carbs and fiber. All this PLUS a drink, yes thank you!


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