Disappointed in Biggest Loser!

I tuned into Biggest Loser last night and was VERY disappointed in what their message has become. I remember back when Jillian was on the show she took one of the girls (whom I believe won it that season) out for a glass of wine. So why last night were they telling their contestants that they CAN NOT eat the foods they use to love anymore? Even during a commercial break Bob was telling someone they could not eat cake because that’s what got him there. Come on people, don’t you remember when your parents said “You can’t go to the movies with that person” what was the 1st thing you did? You disobeyed and did what you wanted.

I am so sad that they are not preaching healthy eating, smart swaps and most importantly how to eat the things you love in moderation all together as a package. Now, I have not been watching the show this season and I just tuned in last night, so it is fair that I may be missing something here. But when I saw that egg roll last night I thought “I want one, maybe I can get one and split it with my hubby for only 200 calories” taking your favorite foods out of your diet is a VERY BAD IDEA!

These people need to make some BIG changes in their life, and yes they need some really tough love. I just think they also need to learn how to eat the foods they love in moderation, not remove them completely from their lives.

So before I get off my Soap Box this morning, I just want to say never take the things out of your diet that you love. If you love Ben and Jerry’s ice cream make some smart swaps throughout the day so you have enough calories left at the end of the day to enjoy the hell out of that one scoop of creamy goodness! And this all comes from a gal who recently lost 130+ LBS!

7 thoughts on “Disappointed in Biggest Loser!

  1. I found your blog via pinterest and I am so happy I did! This post right here just proved you are a woman after my own heart. The last few seasons of Biggest Loser have really disappointed me. Not only are the preaching some very wrong information, they have made it all about the money and the game side of the show. Also I can’t wait to try some of your recipes!!

  2. I have ready that typically people have 2-3 foods that they eat in excess and are key culprits in being overweight. Everyone’s 2-3 food are different. I know what mine are, so I keep them out of my house and have eliminated them for the time being. I figured it was parallel to the idea that if you are a recovered alcoholic you don’t hang out in bars. If I am a person who has just lost weight, i can’t hang around (aka have them in my house) with the foods that made me fat. Thoughts? I want to have them in my life in moderation, but I worry as I bring them back, I will abuse them. Help.

    • What are these trigger foods? One of mine is Ice Cream, so I don’t stock up on it or keep it in my house. If I want Ice Cream I pile my family in the car and we “Go Out” for ice cream. Even if it is just at Thrifty, then I eat half and throw it away.

      I hope that helps, let me know what your trigger foods are.


      • Well, my biggest is homemade cookies. Any kind. Then, peanut butter, almond butter (but not almonds) and cheddar cheese. I have tried to have them in moderation and most days are good but I have some pretty bad days. I am slowly putting weight back on and am sad about it. :(

      • I love cookies too, I only make them if I know I can pawn them off on someone the next day. I send them w/ my hubby to work, to my daughter’s dance class and preschool. This way if I REALLY want cookies I make a batch of my low calorie cookies like my Cherry Garcia or my Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Cookies. I enjoy one or two then I package them up and send them off.



        Have you tried using some label stickers on food, I have to do that w/ my hubby. Usually it says “NOT FOR YOU!” but with the cheese and the peanut and almond butters slap a label on it, why not! Also I would only buy them on an as needed basis, and only buy exactly the amount you need. Say you want to make a recipe that calls for cheese buy the smallest amount you can and find another recipe to use it in later that week, or the next day. You will be less likely to eat it if you know you need it for dinner tomorrow.

        I have a note on my fridge it says “NOTHING Tastes as Good as SKINNY Feels” it stops me from snacking and overeating. Find a skinny picture of yourself, or a goal picture and put it on your fridge (or on the peanut butter) and don’t look away when you want to snack LOOK AT IT and drink a glass of water, think about it have another glass of water.

        I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions or recipe requests.


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