Mind, Body and Soul… 30 Minutes a Day Just for YOU!

I know quite a few of my readers are Stay at Home Moms (and Dads) just like me. Although it is the most rewarding and fun jobs one can have, you never get a day off or even a lunch break.

If you are like me, your child and spouse’s needs come first and by the end of the day there is no time left for you. I decided I would dedicate myself to 30 minutes of just ME time everyday. Some days more, but at the very least 30 minutes. Think about it this way: If you take care of yourself you will have more energy, patience and enthusiasm for your kids the rest of the day! This is not just for the stay at home parents, I know plenty of Moms and Dads who work hard all day, come home, cook, bathe kids and somehow get up the next day and do it all over again.

If you want to take the challenge with me here is what you do:

1. Sit down and make a list of things that will feed your Mind, Body and Soul. See mine below.

2. Carve out 30 minutes a day. I have been using nap time, but even let you child play alone in his or her room (if they are old enough) or put on an educational video and place kiddo in bouncy chair. Don’t feel bad! You NEED this time. And yes, split it up if need be, just be sure it is 30 minutes total by the end of the day.

3. Place the list you made in step #1 on your fridge, as your desktop background or on the wall next to your calendar.

4. Commit to one week, trust me after one week you will never go back… Comment below and commit to yourself and all the other readers. Your comments, pictures and experiences might be shared in a follow-up posting :)

Some choices such as meditating, working out and cooking can fulfill all three areas. In this case take the full 30 minutes if you like but ideally go for something you don’t usually do, this is about changing habits and expanding your mind, body and soul. If you can carve out an hour in your day, by all means take an hour!

Here is my list:


  • Read a favorite book
  • Meditate
  • Rosetta Stone French Lessons
  • Blog Writing
  • Send an e-mail or letter to an old friend
  • De-cluttering house


Workouts, even for just 10 minutes at home… just move that body baby!

  • Sit Ups, Jumping Jacks and Squats
  • Take a workout or dance class- my fav Barre Method Classes while my daughter has dance class, all at the same place.
  • Pop in a Yoga Video
  • Take a walk, it will wear out the kids too :)
  • Make a big tasty salad for lunch, skip the meat today.


  • Meditate
  • Workout
  • Read a favorite book
  • Enjoy a glass of wine alone on patio/backyard, listen to nature and feel the sun.
  • Meet your gal pals for a cup of tea
  • Take a bubble bath

Here are some examples of what I did last week:

Monday: Read for about 30 minutes, outside on the patio w/ a glass of red wine (covered both mind and soul) and 20 minutes of jumping jacks, sit ups and squats (covered body, I planned on Barre but the instructor was sick).

Tuesday: I worked out for about 30 minutes, squats, crunches, jumping jacks (covered body) then I meditated for about 10 minutes (mind) and then sat outside and read my book (soul).

Wednesday: Yoga Video for 30 minutes (covered body and soul) De-cluttered my closet (covered mind).

Thursday: Made a big salad all natural local ingredients and no meat (covered body) Read for about 30 minutes (mind) and meditated for 10 minutes (soul).

Friday: Hit the gym for about 30 minutes (body) and meditated in the steam room for 10 minutes (soul) then went home and wrote this blog out for all of you (mind).

No need to “start on Monday” start today! Go for 7 days and let me know how you feel, make sure to comment below to commit yourself to 30 minutes a day.

10 thoughts on “Mind, Body and Soul… 30 Minutes a Day Just for YOU!

    • Yeah Wendy! Good for you!!

      Please keep a little log of what you do so you can share in the end. Or just post on here what you do everyday, I’m sure it would inspire a lot of people.

      Let me know how you feel, I hope you love it as much as I do :)


      • So today I took the time for me and took a bubble bath and I started a new book today. I also had a salad for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I will keep reading the book and hit the gym. It is nice to get some me time. Looking forward to tomorrow.

      • The week was great…I got in my me time and I am gonna stick to it. I find it easier to do as soon as I get home from work even though Sean is home he intertaines himself and I get a chance to have some unwind time. I did alot of reading and writting this past week. I didn’t get in as much exercise as I would have liked but this is the first step. I am shooting for more workouts next week. I will keep you posted. At least I am use to having some time so now we will see if I can adjust it down in the gym =)

  1. Audrey… I’m at the Grandma stage of life but want to say YES! to taking time for yourself every day. Even 15 minutes can refresh body, mind, and soul. We have been working 18 hour days, 7 days a week, for the publishing and now marketing of the book. Even labors of love can grind you down.

    My favorites: glass of wine while leaning back in recliner & listening to oldies or Southern Gospel music; walk on the beach (or just drive down the coast if that’s all I have time for); 10 minute nap; phone calls to old friends who now live far away. A glass of wine with a friend in an outdoor cafe, hopefully with music playing.

    • Yeah Bev! So glad to have you on board, I know how hard you work and you are an ideal person for this challange! Write a little log like I did above for 7 days and let me know how you felt after and durring. You can also keep your log right here with comments, whatever works best for you.

      You have the right car for a relaxing drive down the coast, that’s for sure! ;)

      Happy Cooking (and writing)!!

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