Metabolism Boosting Apple Pie Oatmeal- 309 calories

My Apple Cinnamon Water is getting a lot of attention for its metabolism boosting properties, so I wanted to create more recipes that use those two ingredients. I added more metabolism boosting ingredients too to really gear up your metabolism first thing in the morning. The Almond Milk, Oatmeal, Apples, Apple Sauce and Cinnamon all Boost Metabolism!

Want to keep your metabolism roaring all day? Try out my Caliente Baked Potato for lunch and Easy Baked Whole Chicken with a Metabolism Boosting  Fruit and Nut Salad for dinner, both boost metabolism and keep you full and happy.


Makes 2 servings-

1 cup Old Fashioned or Steal Cut Oatmeal

2 cups Almond Milk

1 Apple thinly sliced then cut into thirds (basically thin bite sized pieces)

2 tsp Cinnamon

2 tsp Maple Syrup

1 cup unsweetened Apple Sauce (if you have the little cups each is 1/2 cup)


In a medium sauce pan combine the almond milk, oatmeal, cinnamon and maple syrup, heat on low until most of the milk is absorbed (string as needed), once most of the milk is absorbed add in the apple sauce and stir together. If you like your apples soft add them in now too, if you like some crunch wait until you are about to serve to stir in.

Once all the apple sauce and milk is absorbed, about 15-20 minutes total, scoop out and serve.



The Almond Milk, Oatmeal, Apples, Apple Sauce and Cinnamon all Boost Metabolism!  Talk about a super charged breakfast! Below is a metabolism chart I found on Pintrest, I made it my desktop background so I can reference anytime, click on it and save it for yourself it is a great quick reference.


Each Serving Has:

Calories: 309

Fat: 5

Fiber: 8

Protein: 6

Carbs: 62


21 thoughts on “Metabolism Boosting Apple Pie Oatmeal- 309 calories

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    • Carbs are fuel and this is breakfast not a midnight snack. This is the perfect breakfast for someone looking to lose weight the natural way.


  2. I am following a low GI plan after doing a 7-day cleanse, trying to loose 15 lbs a medication for Fibromyalgia piled onto me. I love your site and your story and I plan to use many of your recipes. However, I put almond milk in my coffee this morning then had to pour it out — the overwhelming nuttiness it yuk to me. I also tried this oatmeal, even though I’ve never liked oatmeal. I could barely choke down half a serving. I’m sure your recipe is lovely, but eating oatmeal is like eating cardboard. I just can’t stand it.

    SOOOO, my question is…. what can I substitute for oatmeal? I am fine with it in cookies and grinding it up to make flour, but just can’t stand a bowl of oatmeal. And is there any other type of milk with low sugar and metabolism boosting properties that I might like better?


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