Audrey - lbs lost = 150


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Starting Weight-260lbs

Current Weight-110lbs (Size 2)

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I have struggled with my weight for years, at my largest I was 260 lbs, extremely unhappy and confused as to why I could not get the weight off. I tried everything, fasting, the big name diets that provide you with food or make you go to weekly meetings like you are in food AA, counting calories, workout + diet plans… everything.

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I was featured on a "Before and After" blog, there are tons of amazing inspirational photos here of very inspirational people and stories about their weight loss journeys.

7 thoughts on “Audrey - lbs lost = 150

  1. First off congrats on the weight loss!!! That’s amazing. I am in need of losing quite a few pounds….I would say 50/60 to be healthy and happy. When you were first losing weight what was your typical day like regarding food? What did you eat? I always find it hard to figure out what to eat. I am def going to use your shopping list and I am handy in the kitchen it’s just coming up w ideas of what to make. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your website, Audrey! I restarted my weight loss journey for what feels like the 100th time, about a month ago, and stumbled upon your website 2 weeks into it (my usual “give up and give in” threshold). You are such an inspiration! I love your recipes, and cannot wait to see what else you have in store for yourself and your readers. (PS I have a toddler (almost a preschooler) at home as well)

    • I’m so glad to have you as a reader! What can I do to help you on your journey? If you have any requests or questions let me know.

      Take a “before” picture, I have a weight loss testimonial area on my blog and would be so happy of you were my weight loss super star!


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