Step By Step Videos- Lavender Orange Scones

We upgraded our video camera, the quality is 100% better and  you can actually hear me. For my loyal readers you may remember this recipe, it is very  popular and anytime I can help out a local farmer I am eager to do it.

The people who run Central Coast Lavender are wonderful, I took my daughter to the “U-Pick” day and one of the owners treated her like her own Granddaughter. They did not give me any of the spices I show here for free, I am just that big of a fan that I bought everything they make. For prices between $5 and $7 for spices you really can’t beat it!

Here are the videos, just click on the pictures:

Lavender Orange Scones

Video #1

Lavender Orange Scones

Video #2


Some Fun Pictures from the “U-Pick” trip:



Thank you to all the wonderful people at Central Coast Lavender, we had a wonderful time and look forward to more recipes featuring your wonderful products.

Here are more of my recipes with Lavender:

Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates with Honey and Lavender

Steak House Salad with Pom Vinaigrette

French Day Spa Water with Lavender and Mint

Lavender Orange Scones- The original post

Check out more Videos, from a Whole Baked Chicken including how to carve, to Apple Cinnamon water and an upcoming Pizza video. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you won’t miss a thing!


6 thoughts on “Step By Step Videos- Lavender Orange Scones

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  3. I bought a 1/2 bag of organic cullinary grade french lavender a few months ago, and it only cost me about $6 or $7! I ordered it from because we don’t have any local lavender farmers around here, that I know of. :) I’ve been experimenting with lavender for a few years now, using it in dessert recipes. I love it! I can’t wait to try these scones!

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