Step by Step Video- Fat Free Chocolate Syrup



Hello readers, here is another one of my Lose Weight By Eating Cooking Shows on YouTube.  Please make sure you “Subscribe” so that you won’t miss any shows.

I love making this if I am going to a party as a Hostess Gift or just as a Birthday gift for a friend. I even make a BIG batch and drive them around to family members homes and drop them off.

Here are the ingredients needed, stock up then check out my How To Video by clicking on the photo above.

Makes 2 cups-

1  1/2 cup Water

1  1/2 cup Sugar

1 cup Cocoa Powder

1/8 tsp Salt

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Directions on how to make can be found by clicking the photo above, or you can visit the original recipe here.


12 thoughts on “Step by Step Video- Fat Free Chocolate Syrup

  1. Isn’t all that sugar bad for us? We are told to eat less sugar by every nutritionist – or are you saying real sugar is better for us than sugar substitutes? I’m definetely riding the sugar substitute train (truvia), but keep hearing it is no better for us. I wish I could wean myself from enjoying sweet drinks and coffees, but I can’t. I just end up not drinking much of anything including water.
    Just bought a Sodastream thinking it was just the carbonation I craved, nope, I had to sweeten it to get it down.
    So, real or substitute sugar?

    • Please stop eating and drinking fake sugars! When I gave up fake sugars I lost 10 lbs in the 1st week! Your body knows how to process sugar, it is found in nature, chemicals are not and your body does not know how to process them.

      Keep in mind you only need a tablespoon of this syrup, that comes out to only 33 calories from sugar…. you can burn that off pouring this into your milk!

      YES! Sugar in high quantities is bad, but 1 tbsp of this is just fine and might curb your sweet tooth and save you for eating an entire slice of cake.

      I commend you for trying hard LaDonna, I know you have been working hard on cutting sweets it for a while now. Maybe this quote I have on my fridge will help you as much as it helps me:


      Put that up on your fridge, your office, wherever it will help you and remember, there is nothing as sweet as being skinny. I heard somewhere recently (maybe 60 Minutes) that there is nothing found in nature that is both sweet and poisonous, so we are pre programed to think that sweet means safe. You are smarter than that, keep envisioning yourself drinking a BIG glass of clear water as a size 4 little thing… then ask yourself ” doesn’t that sound better than something sweet?”

      You can do this, I am here for you!


    • One more thing, if you use fake sugars you may think you can have an unlimited amount. Knowing that there are calories in real sugar will automatically make you more cautious about how many sugary things you reach for in a day.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words…you are a great cheerleader. I know you know what you are talking about because you have lived it, made changes in your life and been highly successful at dropping the weight.
    It is so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that real sugar is okay to consume. I guess we all have been brainwashed into believing this. I’m also trying to bring myself around to the fact that eating healthy oils (olive and coconut) are not going to make me fat. They have a lot of calories and the studies/experts preach calories in, calories out, so I don’t want to add the extra calories. I have read a lot about coconut oil lately and it has supposedly helped people lose weight along with many other benefits…incredible! Have you tried it? What is your take on it?

    I appreciate how you have dedicated so much time and energy trying to help others become healthy and lose that extra weight. Keep up the great work and recipes!

    • Hi LaDonna,

      It was hard for me to accept the real sugar thing too, but keep in mind, “if it’s found in nature my body know how to process it.”

      I have not tried coconut oil, you are the second person to mention it today. I am off to the store to locate and try :)

      Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • You need the sugar for it to come together, plus keep in mind many studies have shown that artificial sweeteners cause weight gain, fat storage and in some case worse things like tumors.

      If you want to learn to Lose Weight By Eating you need to ditch the fake sugars and go all natural. Sugar is found in nature and your body knows how to process it, artificial sweeteners are made in labs and your body does not know how to process therefore the calorie free benefits are lost.

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