Weight Loss Struggles: Being Around Food All Day.

I LOVE Cheese, Trader Joe’s has a wonderful selection.

I am a stay at home Mom so I am 10 feet away from my fridge and pantry all day everyday! This is still a challenge for me, especially when I was testing the doughnut recipes.

Truth be told this plagued me when I had a full-time job too, I stocked my drawer w/ what I thought were healthy snacks and don’t forget the fancy coffee maker where I can make a latte, and later someone walking in for a Starbucks run.

I promise you, you will always be surrounded by food! ALWAYS! So now is the time to work on your relationship with it. Food is essential to life, but it is demonized because of the fear of adding weight.

My goodies from a trip to Trader Joes in Templeton Ca.

Here are some goals* to work on:

1. Start a Food Journal.

2. Start Cooking, REALLY COOKING!

3. Eat RIGHT.

1. Start a Food Journal-

The first step to getting in tune with your food is to know what you are eating. Start today, just write it all down, good or bad write it down.

Next is where you keep it, I know that there are great apps out there for logging your food, but you are here for what worked for me and it was NOT AN APP! I kept my food journal on my fridge, I wanted to have to look at it anytime I went to open the fridge. So for you, where ever you grab your snacks from, even if it’s public, tape it up! Especially if it’s public, if you can do that…

2. Start Cooking, REALLY COOKING! -

The best way I believe you can get right with food and stop demonizing it and start celebrating  it is to start cooking, a lot. I cook 3 meals a day, I love it! If you work maybe it’s just cooking dinner, try to find solace when you are slicing veggies, enjoying the sound of the crunch of the knife. It will become something you LOVE to do and your family will eventually start congregating in the kitchen. It is truly a beautiful, old-fashioned, lovely way of life.

You have to remember, it is not just you, your kids see everything you do and if your dinner always comes from a box how will they ever have that beautiful memory of you and a great meal you make. I remember my Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie, for my daughter I want her to remember a great dish that I make like my Baked Chicken or Homemade Pizza. Don’t you want that? And more so, don’t you want your kids to have that?

To get square with food you really need to confront it, start cooking!

3. Eat RIGHT-

Obviously I was gonna get to eating right… right ;)

So if you are a follower and have read other posts you know that I am a firm believer in eating all natural. For you newbies (WELCOME!) this is what I mean by all natural:

- No Preservatives

- No Chemicals

- No Artificial Sweeteners

The best thing you can do is shop the perimeter of the grocery store where all the produce, butcher and bakery are and hit up your local Farmers Markets. Check out my Grocery List for Weight Loss Success, it will show you a better and cheaper way to shop. Also check out my Smart Swaps post which has swaps for naughty chemical filled snacks like boxed crackers and 100 calorie packs.

My goodies from the Atascadero Ca. Farmer’s Market :)

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*I ALWAYS say goals because rules are made to be broken but goals are liberating and excting :)

7 thoughts on “Weight Loss Struggles: Being Around Food All Day.

  1. I have a friend that works full time m-f, so she spends Sundays cooking. She then freezes everything. All she has to do weeknights is pull it out and bake it. I feel like this would be a great way for all the busy people to get the home cooked (and preservative/chemical free) meals all week without too much stress ;)

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