Skinny Vacations- Sunset Magazine’s Savor the Central Coast

This was a vacation in reverse, I had a very dear friend visiting the Central Coast of California for the first time. I not only wanted to show her an amazing time in my new home town, but in the time that we have been apart I have dropped about 150 lbs and so I also wanted to show her how I did it, by example.

My Goals for this Skinny Vacation:

1. Show her my beautiful new home town

2. Eat delicious all natural foods

3. Take care of our bodies

If you have already read my Skinny Vacation Tips you know that I already had the entire vacation planned out, we had a blast and I can’t wait to show you how to have a fun healthy vacation and how to Lose Weight By Eating here on the Central Coast of California.

Day 1- The Iconic Hearst Castle, words can’t explain how visually stunning this “home” is. We took the Grand Rooms tour and then walked around the garden for a little over an hour. Kara my best friend of over 23 years and I wanted to enjoy each other’s company, we walked and talked and took tons of pictures. For lunch we split a burger and homemade chips and also split a delicious glass of Hearst Castle Chardonnay.

Hearst Ranch is famous for their free range grass feed beef and let me tell you, that was a fantastic burger. Splitting the burger was a great way to have what we wanted for lunch but not go overboard with our calorie intake.

Day 2- Spa Day! Yep, we are girls and we couldn’t really call it a vacation without a spa day… right? Thanks to the miracle of Groupon we got a great deal and were able to stick to the theme of the weekend “Skinny Wine Country Vacation.”

We visited Vino Therapy Spa in downtown Atascadero, and each had hour long massages using 100% Organic Chardonnay Grapes. Wine has many topical benefits such as anti aging, muscle development and tone. When we were done we were moved to the charming outside patio area where we soaked our feet in a red wine and hot water bath and enjoyed a glass of local Syrah from Kaleidos Vineyards.

Day 3- Sunset Magazine’s Savor the Central Coast. This was more of a working day for me, I interviewed about 10 local Winemakers, Chefs, Farmers and Celebrity Chefs, which you can see on my YouTube Channel by clicking on the below videos. The food at the event was all natural and most purveyors boasted 100% local products. It is so important to eat local foods, first of all you are helping your community, second if you get your food local the flavor is out of this world. Just think of an apple traveling cross-country in a refrigerated truck, vs getting one picked off the tree today, what would you choose?

Sunset Magazine’s Savor the Central Coast is a spectacular event, it’s an annual event that showcases the local areas food, wine and produce. The location was perfect, the iconic Santa Margarita Ranch with an old Disneyland train circling the grounds is somewhere that everyone from the Central Coast has either visited for a wedding or event or wishes they have.

At a press conference for Susan Feinger and Aarti Sequeira I was surprised and pleased to find both of the great chefs like to keep it humble when cooking at home and especially when they crave comfort food. Susan Feniger goes for a California grown Avocado drizzled with olive oil and salt when she needs some good comfort food. No wonder she has so much energy, she feeds her body the way she should. She doesn’t go for something fried when she wants to splurge she goes for produce!

Day 4- More Sunset Magazine’s Savor the Central Coast fun, the camera crew was finished so we got to taste more food and have more fun. We went right for the beer garden and grabbed a taste of some Firestone Oktoberfest and a slice of Madonna Inn Champagne Cake.
If you read my Skinny Vacation Tips you know that I get to splurge on my last day of vacation, so I had the cake then I moved onto the donuts, it was not the best lunch but I earned it so I enjoyed it then I moved on… plus it was research, right?! We tasted some wine at Byron Vineyards which was a real treat as they don’t have a local tasting room.

Kara, my partner in vacation crime and BFF of over 23 years and I walked around in the unusually hot weather sweating off many of the calories we consumed. We again enjoyed spending time with each other and made the most of our last day together.

After we could no longer stand the heat we went straight to Morro Bay, it was 100 in Santa Margarita where the event was, but when we got to Morro Bay it was 65! We splashed in the water and played burning off calories we had consumed at lunch.

I learned about my own community this weekend. About all the different farming in the area, I got to meet enthusiastic all natural food chefs and wine makers and it recharged me. I highly recommend these food events and especially this specific one, Sunset Magazine’s Savor the Central Coast it’s inspiring to see so many amazing dishes served in such an all natural way, and from such an agriculturally heavy area. To see more dishes served at the event check out my videos.

Below are the videos from the event:

Sunset Savor the Central Coast Intro

Skinny Vacations- Sunset Savor the Central Coast with Hearthstone Vineyard

Skinny Vacations- Sunset Savor the Central Coast with Thomas Hill Organics

Skinny Vacations- Sunset Savor the Central Coast with Harris Ranch Beef

Skinny Vacations- Sunset Savor the Central Coast with JR Johnson Farms

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