Turkey Cranberry Sandwich- 330 calories

This has become my new favorite sandwich, I was inspired by my local sandwich shop that I work from regularly. They make an amazing version of this sandwich that I could (but shouldn’t) eat everyday, so I made this skinny version that I can have everyday.

This to me is like having Thanksgiving everyday of the year, so if you have some left overs after Turkey Day slap one of these together. It is a healthy, delicious and only 5 ingredients… easy peezy!

Makes 1 Sandwich-

2 slices Whole Wheat Bread

1 tbsp Cream Cheese

3 tbsp Whole Cranberry Sauce

4 oz sliced Turkey

3 leaves Romaine Lettuce

Sunflower Seeds- optional

Red onion- optional

On one side of a slice of bread spread the cream cheese, then spread the cranberry sauce over the cream cheese. Top with the turkey, the lettuce (as much lettuce as you want) then the other slice of bread. Slice in half and remind yourself there are things to be thankful for today.


Sandwich has:

Calories: 330

Fat: 8.5

Fiber: 6

Protein: 18

Carbs: 53

A shout out to Maci and her crew atĀ Maci’s Deli and Drinkery in Atascadero Ca for inspiring this dish and for feeding me on a regular basis. You gals make the BEST sandwiches ever!

Check out moreĀ Lunches on the Go they are fast and travel well, so you can stay skinny even when on the run.

9 thoughts on “Turkey Cranberry Sandwich- 330 calories

  1. I just had this for lunch after a great workout. I used a whole wheat tortilla and made it a wrap because I ran out of bread, I saved a few calories with out even trying. This is such a treat. Eating these delicious meals and loosing weight is so incredible. Thank you.

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