How Many Calories are in a KalorieBox?

Since this blog was created 10 months ago I’ve been offered many products to do reviews for, but none of them were either on the up and up, totally all natural or kept to the values of the blog. First before I get into this I have to tell you I was not paid anything by KalorieBox to review their products. I was particularity interested in KalorieBox because the Marketing manager told me “For every box we deliver, we donate a meal to a hungry child in need.” That was all I needed to hear, let’s check this out!

When I spoke with KalorieBox a couple months ago I thought these would be expensive, I thought just because of the shipping alone these would be between $35-$50 but when they send me one and let me know the average cost is $17 I about fell out of my chair!

The presentation was beautiful and included a lovely card, and they don’t even charge for gift wrapping! You can either do a one time gift for $25 or a monthly subscription for as low as $17 a month. So to recap, you can get all your holiday shopping done, in one place, they gift wrap and ship for free.

Santa Baby, just slip a KalorieBox under the tree… for me…

So here is what I thought of each item, keep in mind that every month you get new goodies but this is a good measure of what you can expect:

1. The Plentils, Margherita Pizza Lentil Chips- 100 calories were the first thing I opened. I thought the texture was different at first, kinda airy…. But I kept going back to them over and over again! Super delicious!! My toddler was begging and begging and the bag was gone before I knew it. I was very glad to have been introduced to this snack AND Mom’s you will appreciate this, there was a coupon for more chips… $ Cha Ching! $

2. Simply Snacking Jerky Beef Sirloin w/ Cranberries and Blueberries-60 calories was the next thing to try….. Hands down the best jerky I have ever had! And we are jerky people!! My husband and I often go on long hikes and road trips and always opt for some jerky for a protein packed snack. This jerky is thick and moist! You won’t break or pull out a tooth on this jerky, but you will always want to go back for more!

3. Simply Snacking Beef Sirloin w/ Apples and Cherries- 60 calories also blew me away! This brand is the best jerky I have ever had! So moist and you can taste the fruit too, but it’s not too sweet… so good! Not to mention Apples boost metabolism, double bonus!

4. Stubbs BBQ Sauce- 30 calories, an entire 18 oz bottle of it! I posted a picture of my opened KalorieBox to Facebook and my BFF from Texas was so excited to see this BBQ sauce and swore the next time we were out that she “Had to take me.” She went on to say it was the best BBQ sauce and best BBQ restaurant in the world. And that is a LOT coming from a Texan!

I would have never found this BBQ sauce without KalorieBox. I tried it on chicken breasts and it was fabulous! I just pulled 2 chicken breasts out of the freezer, dumped some of the Stubbs BBQ sauce in the bag and covered the chicken. Tossed in the fridge over night to defrost and marinate and then the next evening tossed them on the BBQ. So delicious, lots of vinegar and brown sugar flavor and absolutely delicious. I hope I can get it out here in Cali because if not I will need a monthly care package sent from Kara in TX.

5. Hint Water Mango-Grapefruit- 0 calories, I had totally forgotten about this water! I LOVED it when I was pregnant with my daughter and I am so pleased I have re-found it! Here are the ingredients: Purified water, mango, grapefruit and other natural flavors. This is what you want an ingredient list to look like! Now I know these babies are about $2 a pop, so I am not gonna go out and stock my fridge with them, but I will be stocking my cooler with them for road trips, Wine Tasting outings and any excuse I have to buy some! This is a wonderful, sweet, delicious all natural drink is an excellent replacement for nasty chemical filled diet sodas!

6. FitFrappe’ Espresso and Vanilla- 130 calories These are in my car, they are tiny packets the size of a post card and the perfect thing to toss in my car for an emergency.

All in all I LOVED my KalorieBox and I am not just saying that, I really did! I am planning on joining the 6 month plan for only $17 a box. I already found 3 new products I am ready to go out and buy, I can’t wait to find out what is in the next box!

When I spoke with the KalorieBox marketing manager months ago he did warn me that as their goal was to always have 100% all natural products in the box, they couldn’t control everything. So when I got this box and fount one item that was not 100% all natural I was fine with it. It was a protein shake in a little packet, but here is the thing…. it was the perfect thing to toss in the trunk of my car for an “Emergency Meal!” Years ago I was stranded on the 805 FWY in San Diego Ca all day! Seriously for over 8 hours!!! A big crane that was working on the freeway fell down and blocked all the lanes! It was a nightmare, people were abandoning their cars to get food and I wish I had these little packets, so see even the stuff you might not love, will be a small sized item you can toss in your trunk for a emergency kinda day.

So, why KalorieBox? I asked the Marketing Manager and his answer was  “The idea behind each KalorieBox is simple: for every packaged food item you toss in your grocery cart, there is almost always a better option, and it’s our mission to put those options in your pantry to try each month.”

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