A Year in Review- Lose Weight by Eating starts out with a BANG


And a BIG BANG it was, with over 1.9 million views in the first year Lose Weight By Eating certainly has had a wild ride.

In June I started a Facebook Page to support the growing blog and already it has over 5000 likes. Lose Weight By Eating is not yet a house hold name… but at this rate it soon will be. I host Weekly Weight Loss Competitions on my Facebook page, and the winners and their weight loss results are exciting.

A book is on it’s way and I have been writing recipes for the local Newspaper and I’m the food and wine writer for Indulge Magazine in California wine country. I have even been featured on the radio and call in with healthy tips.

I have learned a lot over the last 12 months, and have become a better writer. I figured out how to market myself and got to meet a lot of amazing people along the way.

I hope the New Year finds you well, and I have a gift for you! This is my RESET BUTTON, anytime you eat something naughty and feel like you have blown your diet I want you to mentally push this reset button. We ALL make mistakes, the people who succeed in weight loss are the people who make mistakes and move on. They don’t start on Monday, they start now.


4 thoughts on “A Year in Review- Lose Weight by Eating starts out with a BANG

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  2. I started the new year with purchasing Candice’s two cookbooks and they are everything they promised and more. I made the tuna right off. Had never made it with mustard and curry (which I toned down just a touch since I had spicy hot curry powder). Fabulous and next day I was already down two pounds – YEAH – headed in the right direction!!!

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