Strawberry and Tangerine Metabolism Boosting Drink


Fruits that are high in Vitamin C are big metabolism boosters! One of my favorite combos are strawberries and tangerines, both hot and cold this is a delicious drink. Try to drink a gallon a day for fast weight loss, all of my zero calorie drinks count in the “gallon a day,” as does good old fashioned water. Just stay away from the chemical powders and drops, use what’s from nature to lose weight.

I recently came across dried strawberries, which means I can have this all year long but if you can’t find them don’t fret, just slice fresh or frozen strawberries and plan on using a fine mesh sieve, coffee filter or tea bag as they might fall apart.


Makes 1 pot of tea or 1 liter of cold drink-


1/2 cup dried or fresh sliced strawberries

Rind of one tangerine- try to get little to none of the white pith-


There are three ways to make this, put it all in the tea pot, or make individual cups. It all depends on your willingness to wash your tea pot. I have also included a cold version for this delicious drink.

Tea pot instructions- Place the tangerine rind and strawberries into a teapot, cover with water and bring to a boil. To serve cover the nose of your tea pot with a coffee filter or use a fine mesh sieve over your tea cup to avoid strawberry pulp.

Individual tea cups- Boil water, add in 1/4 of the rind and a tablespoon of dried strawberries. Allow the strawberries to plump up and just as they start to fall apart (about 3 minutes) use a fork to scoop them out and discard. Leave the rind in the tea cup for both added flavor and beauty.

Make it cold- Boil 3 cups (or as much as your tea pot will hold) of water making the “tea pot instructions” let it cool with the fruit left in then strain into a 1 liter jug discarding the strawberries. Top with water until it is full, pluck out the tangerine rind, rinse and add to jug then place in the fridge to cool. Serve over ice and drink up. If you want to do a bigger jug just double the recipe.


My metabolism boosting foods and drinks have become famous and have gone viral on the web. People are looking for more ways to make their food work for them. This water along with my 4 easy tips for weight loss will boost your metabolism and help you drop weight FAST like some of my Weight Loss Superstars who have lost up to 12.5 lbs a week and 150 lbs in a year!


Check out more Metabolism Boosting drinks, Ice Cubes, Teas and Sodas all meant to help you drink more water and lose weight in my first cookbook FRUIT INFUSION: A Collection of Day Spa Inspired, Fruit Infused Waters.

Questions and Answers:

Some people will ask if they can eat the fruit, you can, it might taste different because it’s been soaking and eating them will mean you need to count the calories that are in them. This drink is between 2-5 calories per 1 liter because the fruit is not consumed just infusing the drink.

Others will ask how much they should drink a day, a gallon is what your goal should be each day.

Many people will say this can’t be zero calories, I remind them that you don’t eat the fruit and the entire pitcher is about 2-5 calories, divided by 8-10 glasses… zero.

Another regular question is, what can they eat, if anything. This question shocks me, food is fuel would you drive your car on empty? WHY would you do that to your body? EAT, just remove artificial sweeteners and foods with preservatives and chemicals out of your diet and you will find out FAST how people are losing up to 12.5 lbs a week yourself!

I get questions often from people who don’t like or are allergic to an ingredient, but they are so desperate to try this that they do. Please don’t! Just choose from my other zero calorie drinks they all are great for you and will help you lose weight fast!

I also get the “is this safe during pregnancy” question a lot, and yes it is. This is all natural, all of my recipes are and will feed your growing baby and belly much better than something from the grocery freezer!

“What is the magic ingredient?” Others ask. To be truthful the strawberries and tangerine will slightly raise your metabolism but the BIG BOOSTER is the water its self! The idea behind these drinks is to help you drink more water without adding mystery powder to it.

It is near impossible to answer questions below, so before you post one please see if I have already answered your question. On my Mango Ginger Water recipe people ask the same questions everyday, and the question has already been answered several times. Or direct all questions to my Facebook page where it is easier to answer and to see your questions.

You can also ask questions on my forum:

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