I’m thrilled to announce my first cookbook FRUIT INFUSION: A Collection of Day Spa Inspired, Fruit Infused Waters is available on Amazon Kindle! Did you know that you can get a FREE Kindle for PC program, or a Kindle App for IPhone or IPad? You can turn your computer, phone or tablet into a reading device and never miss a recipe, click here to get the FREE program/app.


I’ve had such an outpouring of support for my fruit infused drinks that I decided to create an entire book of them. From metabolism boosting and fat burning workout drinks, to homemade sodas, flavored ice cubes and homemade teas this book has something for everyone!


I wanted to write a book without any fancy ingredients, something for everyone no matter their ability to get exotic fruits or not. This cookbook is a huge collection of delicious waters that you can make anytime your sweet tooth strikes you.

My favorite recipes are the fantastic Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cubes and the Fat Burning Grapefruit Peach workout water. What will yours be?

Grab a copy today for only $3.99.

0386Try out recipes like Strawberry Mint Soda and Strawberry Mint ice cubes.

0642Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cubes turn any boring glass of water into a delicious treat!

IMG_9827 finalThis Berry Blast is supercharged with Metabolism Boosting and Fat burning ingredients to help you lose weight faster.

Find more Fruit Infused Water Recipes.


    • We have to wait 90 days after publishing on Amazon before we can do a Nook version, but we will get it up after the 90 days. You can also get a FREE program/application for your computer/phone/tablet on the same page as the book :)


  1. All of these water recipes, I have a question: when it comes to the fruit in the water when I pour a glass of the water from the pitcher into my glass do I keep the fruit in the pitcher and not consume the fruit or can the fruit just naturally flow/pour out into glass and can be consumed?

  2. Hi there…:) I purchased your book a bit ago.. & I love all the recipes! However I have one silly question.. As I made my first apples & cinnamon & I doubled it… How “sweet” is it supposed to taste?

    • Thank you so much for purchasing my book! Please give it a review on amazon if you love it :)

      It should be a light sweetness, more like a hint of flavor. The Apple Cinnamon drink is less sweet than some of the others like the Berry Blast, Mango Mojito and the Sodas.

      I hope you enjoy the book! I’m working on the paper copy now!


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