Here are some of my favorite kitchen items and books, I recommend getting them online. If you are anything like me going to a kitchen store is dangerous, I go in for one item and leave with a $100 bill.  Just pay the shipping and save on the impulse items you would have gotten.Click on the picture it will bring you right to Amazon to purchase, I did the shopping around many of these items are cheaper than when I got them.

Fruit Infusion: A Collection of Day Spa Inspired, Fruit Infused Waters

My first cookbook dedicated to helping you drink more water, and lose more weight. Over 40 recipes of Metabolism Boosting, Fat Burning Spa Waters, Sodas, Ice Cubes and Homemade Tea to tantalize your taste buds and help you enjoy the taste of water.


Lifetime of Recipes by Beverly Jo Noble

Beverly is our guest blogger her book concentrates on fresh produce and is fabulous!

How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson

I love this cookbook, and I think the name says it all! If you want to learn how to bake this is the book you want. It is not low cal, but it is beautiful and has the best Sugar Cookie recipe in the world! Grab a copy and become a Domestic Goddess.

Nigella Bites by Nigella Lawson

Yet another great book from Nigella, I look through this regularly for inspiration. Some of her recipes are actually healthy in this book, or can be easily lightened up. Grab a copy today!

The best Yoga mat on the market today.


I am madly in love with my Misto Can, I put in olive oil and have a healthy alternative to cooking spray.

I love Truffle Salt, just add it to roasted veggies before serving or sprinkle on a salad for a fancy twist. I also love oil, but the salt is an inexpensive way to glam up any meal. Just put it on after cooking.

Truffle Oil is a little more expensive, but totally amazing! Put some on a baked potato instead of butter for a great grown up twist, use to make a fancy salad dressing, the options are endless but one thing for sure you will wow your guests!

Good Vanilla is essential when baking, the fake stuff is just chemicals and does not have 1/2 the flavor. I found you a two for one here on my favorite Vanilla Extract!

I love my Mezzaluna knife and cutting board set, great for chopping just about anything quick. I found you one for under $20, a little jealous as mine was not nearly as reasonable. I use this all the time, especially for chopping chocolate, herbs and fruit. You won’t be sorry if you grab this one up!
Another favorite kitchen item is my Sodastream, it makes soda water. It saves me hundreds of dollars a year! I love Soda Water, you can also get flavors to make your favorite sodas but I recommend giving all that up and just putting some fruit in your soda water. My favorite is mango and cucumber YUM!

I get questions often about my Salt Pig, I LOVE this and you can get it in many sizes. This is the one that I have.

For those of you who want a smaller Salt Pig and want to upgrade their pepper container will love these Kitchen Piglets.

Of course a good Juicer is important! This one has ZERO extra parts, it’s easy to clean and wont crack or break on you!

Round out your collection of new kitchen goodies with some Rosebud Pink Measuring cups (psst they come in blue and white too) I love these!

For those of you on a budget these Measuring Cups are only $25 and will make a BIG statement in your kitchen, don’t forget the holidays these would be the perfect gift for a baker enthusiast or just someone starting!

These Serving Hands SCREAM Stocking Stuffer to me! Or put together with the above red cups and a salad bowl for a beautiful birthday or house warming gift!

Ahhhh, my favorite Stainless Steal Whisk, for only $6 I have several and it will round out any kitchen gift you give (or get for yourself!)

EVERYONE needs a Measuring Cup the color of a Tiffany & Co. Box! So go ahead, you deserve this… you NEED this ;)

These Brushed Metal Measuring Spoons are so beautiful you won’t want to put them in a drawer!

At only $35 this Crock Pot is a STEAL! Makes a great gift but don’t forget to get one for yourself too! I LOVE my Crock Pot and use it weekly to make a hot meal for me while I am out of the house. It’s like having a chef at home to do all the work for you :)

It’s about time that Food Processors come down in price and this one is UNDER $100!! I do my best to find you the deals and this is a GREAT ONE!!

Here is another steal, I paid almost triple for all this buying them separately. Everyone needs a Bake Ware Set!

With this Champagne Gold colored Cookware you will feel like a princess in your own kitchen!! This set is amazing and a great price too!!

These Cutting Boards are beautiful and make a great gift for under $15!!

As an Italian woman I probably have 20 or more Wooden Spoons, this is another great set for under $10 you get all the Bamboo Kitchen Utensils you will ever need!

YES! My beloved Pizza Stone. This is a 4 piece set and comes with everything you will need to make amazing Pizzas at home. I have 3 recipes, don’t forget the “Search Bar” on the right side :)

Evey kitchen could be adorned in Tiffany & CO. colors…. here are some of my favorites. Just click on the picture to be taken to the page:

Big Mixing Bowls, in Tiffany blue…. YES PLEASE!

Perhaps the most beautiful Measuring Cups EVER! I just love working with Tiffany & Co teal kitchenware!

What would you fill this Container with? Flour, cookies? No matter what’s inside it will add a ton of color and whimsy to any kitchen.

This Butter Box will add color to your table at a big holiday event and will keep your butter safe and sound all year round.

I LOVE these Bread Boxes, I don’t have one yet but I’m hoping Santa will get the hint ;)

Talk about a statement, this Tea Pot  would add a pop of Tiffany & CO blue to any kitchen.

I love my Salt Pig, here is one in Tiffany and Co Teal.

This Tiffany and Co. colored Cake Stand can also display cookies, brownies, pies and of course a beautiful cake.

A beautiful Covered Cake Stand make a statement at any party!

I love these Le Creuset cookware items, I have several myself. They are great in the oven and have a beautiful color to add yet more blue to your kitchen. These are great prices on Le Creuset too!

Here is a Medium Sized Bowl.

I have these and love to use the smaller one to make individual sized Mac and Cheese for myself :) Great Bake Wear, not huge but a good medium and small sized set.

Everyone needs a good Stock Pot, why not buy one in Caribbean color?!

Can you say obsession? I LOVE this Mixer! I have it in black and will have to live with that but YOU can have it in the OFFICIAL Tiffany & Co teal!

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  2. Looks like I am throwing out all my outdated sage green accent pieces and investing in some Tiffany blue kitchen stuff, love them and thanks for sharing!! Was redoing my pfaltzgraff nature wood dishes and kitchen theme, couldn’t find anything i loved enough to change everything over, and now I think I have found the right direction.

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