As this is a Blog and not a website I don’t have total control of the appearance of this webpage,  all my recipes can be found under the ”Skinny Recipes” drop down to the right of the page but I still get questions as to where to find them. So here are some easy links for you and don’t forget I do have a SEARCH BAR to the right as well, you can type in “chicken” and you will get all my chicken recipes.

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Metabolism Boosting Meals


15 minute Breakfasts

Lunches & Side Dishes

Lunches on the Go


30 minute Dinners

Sweets & Snacks

Zero Calorie Drinks


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4 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Love your blog!!! I have made the Apple pie oatmeal and the spicy chili, both are sooo great!!! I just have a question, I noticed on the other oatmeal recipes you use water or you use greek yogurt and the one I made was the almond milk. Can I use the almond milk as a substitute for the water or greek yogurt for the other oatmeals??? I know the calorie count will change but this is the only time I use almond milk and I dont want the left over to go to waste.

    • You absolutly can use Almond milk. What happened is that somewhere along the journey while writing these recipes I found the Almond milk method, so the others are good… but not nearly as good as the ones with the Almond milk.
      I am constantly striving to grow and learn, and as I do that you will see the recipes mature and this is a perfect example :)

  2. Audrey, I am so glad I found you! I don’t expect this to be easy, I’m 56 and pounds don’t melt away anymore. But since getting a neurological condition that pretty much keeps me home bound, and arthritis in my knee, I’ve become pretty sedentary and packed on some pounds. You are an inspiration, and your advice to keep moving in some way is just what I need to hear. I also need reminded to eliminate the processed foods, which I already knew my body does not metabolize well. Thanks for sharing your experience and success and not making a big program out of it, so that anyone may benefit!

    May the blessings on your life be multiplied!!!

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