Calorie Counter

Here is a spreadsheet/calculator so you can calculate your own calories, fat, fiber, protein and carbs for your favorite recipes.

I like to go to for all the info and just plug it in. If it calls for a cup of sugar look up a cup of sugar, I find plugging it all in then dividing the number of servings is easier then doing the math upfront.

Nutrition Spreadsheet Calculator

A BIG THANK YOU to my BFF Kara for putting this together for me!

8 thoughts on “Calorie Counter

  1. This is great ! I am going to try to add a couple more lines so that it works with my nutrition tracking app I use… I know where to come to get a new copy if I mess mine up ! Thanks Kara and Audrey !!

    • It was our pleasure! Let me know if you can’t modify and what you are looking to do, maybe it will help everyone.

      And if you don’t care about, say “fat” content but you care about something else just use that line for what you need it for.


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  3. I just started following your blog and added you on facebook. I am totally inspired and had kinda given up on losing weight because no matter how much I tried it just never seems to work. But I am gonna give it another shot and I know I Can Do It!

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